Santa Cruz County

Drug Rehabs in Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz County is home to many top rated drug and alcohol treatment centers. To receive a free assessment and referral call us now.


Janus of Santa Cruz

200 7th Avenue

Suite 150

Santa Cruz, CA 95062

(831) 462-1060×222

Intakes:  (831) 462-1060×219(831) 462-1060×214

Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center

Si Se Puede

161 Miles Lane

Watsonville, CA 95076

(831) 761-5422×105

Intake:  (831) 761-5422

Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center

Youth Services

165 Harkins Slough Road

Room 1

Watsonville, CA 95076

(831) 469-1700×129

Intake:  (831) 688-8856

Sobriety Works

105 Post Office Drive

Suite F

Aptos, CA 95003

(831) 476-1747

Janus Community Clinic

1000 Emeline Avenue

Suite A

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 425-0112

Santa Cruz Residential Recovery

125 Rigg Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 423-3890

Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center

Alto Counseling Center

271 Water Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 427-5290

Janus Perinatal

Mondanaro Baskin Center

516 Chestnut Street

Apartment A

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 423-9015

New Life Community Services Inc

707 Fair Avenue

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 427-1007

Intake:  (888) 474-6758

Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center

Youth Services North County

709 Mission Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 429-8350

Established in 1850 Santa Cruz County is home to over 263,054 residents.

While the popularity of heroin has decreased in the state of California overall, it is the drug of choice for addicts in Santa Cruz County. Heroin represents about 20 percent of the narcotics cases handled by the county’s narcotics task force, and more heroin addicts seek treatment in the county than any other type of drug user. In 2008, admissions to alcohol and other drug treatment facilities showed the following numbers: heroin use accounted for 29% of all admissions, methamphetamine use for 24%,  alcohol use for roughly 24% of admissions, marijuana for 14%, and crack/cocaine for 6%.

Some short and long-term effects associated with heroin abuse include:   clouded mental function, nausea, vomiting, fatal overdose, addiction, tolerance and physical dependence, heart infections, arthritis and pulmonary complications. Medical complications resulting from heroin abuse can be very serious, some of them are:  scarred or collapsed veins, bacterial infections of blood vessels and heart valves, abscesses, liver or kidney disease and infectious diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis C.

If you or someone you care about has a problem with substance abuse, call a counselor today, before it is too late, and get the help you need.

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